CNC-turned stainless steel IOM bulb

CNC-turned from stainless steel, this is a 400mm long and 38mm diameter IOM keel bulb. A slot will be milled in the middle for the keel fin. Unlike a lead-bulb this one will require no surface filler/sanding/painting. But the density (compared to water) of stainless steel is 8 at most, while lead bulbs can be close to 11 (depending on the lead-alloy), which means the volume of this bulb is slightly larger.

2 thoughts on “CNC-turned stainless steel IOM bulb”

  1. With shipping lead Bulbs being fround on now, this possible be the future for our IOM's.
    Can you include the weight for the finished product?
    For good sailing, Herb 3.

  2. Hi,

    Most IOM keel fins seems to weight around 110-130g. Finished bulb with slot will be around 2370g.
    If I'm told what is the weight of your keelfin, then I can design and machine such a slot size and attachment holes that total weight will be very close to 2500g class rules maximum.


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