Wires, wires, wires…

Number of wires from servo-motor to controller on my lathe build: 19.

1: Motor power U
2: Motor power V
3: Motor power W
4: Hall sensor +5V
5: Hall sensor U
6: Hall sensor V
7: Hall sensor W
8: Hall sensor GND
9: Encoder +5V
10: Encoder A
11: Encoder B
12: Encoder Z
13: Encoder GND
14: +Limit switch Common
15: +Limit switch N.O.
16: +Limit switch N.C.
17: -Limit/Home switch Common
18: -Limit/Home switch N.O.
19: -Limit/Home switch N.C.


The motor currents go through the AMP-connecor, everything else through the 25-pin D-connector.

I'm glad the lathe only has two servos (and a spindle), I would go mad with a 5-axis machine...