4-Cell GP Recyko battery packs

There is a new generation of low self-discharge NiMH batteries out there, GP calls them Recyko and the Sanyos are called Eneloop. I put together two 4-cell packs for use in the MicroMagic. These have a nominal capacity of 2050 mAh - I will post later some results of discharge tests. Weight seems to be around 125 grams including some epoxy that holds the cells together, the heatshrink tube, and wires with Deans micro plugs.

One thought on “4-Cell GP Recyko battery packs”

  1. Hi
    Are these the same as the batteries I am buying in the UK from Vapex
    and K Bits called INSTANT. I find these very good I have them in my Transmiter and IOM 6V 2100mah.
    They do hold there charge very well.



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