Provoke Open 70

Veikko Rihu from Provoke has produced these two 1:17-scale radio controlled yachts modeled after Volvo Open 70 boats.

The boats are moulded in carbon and feature a 45-degree canting ballast. Length is 1339mm and beam 350mm. The displacement is 6.3kg with about 4.7kg in the keel, fin, and canting-electronics.

6 thoughts on “Provoke Open 70”

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  2. Hi Nigel!

    Yep, these look really nice! They are a bit big and heavy to transport though - compared to a MicroMagic or IOM.

    Talk to Veikko Rihu, I'm sure he has the moulds and could make more of this boat. "veikko dot rihu at provoke dot fi"

  3. Nigel,

    Thanks for your interest!
    Readymade boats are quite expensive, expensive enough to have no commercial value 😉 The tools, however, are available. So if you're interested they might be for sale.

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