KLV IOM ranking race

10 boats, including two guest sailors from Russia with Naviga one-metres, completed 12 races in varying no1 rig conditions.

The pictures show some cnc-milled aluminium fittings by Jari Immanen, and Oleg Konka's RUS-32, a Naviga one-metre built by Janus Walicki. Note the rudder. The forward section has an airfoil shape while the aft half of the rudder is a very thin and flexible carbon sheet.

2 thoughts on “KLV IOM ranking race”

  1. Anders,

    What do you believe the advantage(s) of the unusual rudder is(are)? Is the flexible trailing edge intended to whip and impart forward motion?

    Brig North

  2. This is the same rudder that he uses on the Skalpel and I was sceptical about it until I bought a Skalpel with it on. Logically you would not expect it to work but I can assure you it makes the boat turn so fast it is breathtaking. It could be a little deeper on the M as the boat puts her nose down and runs out of rudder if you carry the rig too long but I suppose that is a good indication that you kept it on too long in the first place!

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