Tweaking the header

Some notes, mostly for myself, about how I chaged the header image and the way the title is displayed. I bet this will be usefull after the next WordPress update when the theme most likely gets reset back to default.

To get a header image that 'rotates' i.e. is updated with a new random picture each time the page is loaded, I used Matt Mullenweg's simple rotate script. I named it rotate.php and placed it in wp-content/header-images/

I then placed the images I want as headers into wp-content/header-images/ and modified the CSS stylesheet for my theme:

#header {

background: #73a0c5 url('') no-repeat  center;


Note that some browsers (Firefox!) are smart enough to cache the header image, so if you want to see a new header pic simply pressing the 'reload' button won't do - you need to do a full reload of the page by pressing Ctrl-F5. This is not necessary using Internet Explorer

Also, from the default layout of 4em size and centered alignment, my blog title is now a bit smaller and positioned in the top left corner (so as not to obstruct the nice header pic!):

h1 {

font-size: 3em;

position: absolute;

text-align: left;

bottom: 150px;

text-indent: 0.8em


Update: I've made a Photo page with all the banner images and short descriptions.