More 2.4 GHz radios and modules

Predictably, more and more RC-manufacturers are introducing "crystal-less" 2.4 GHz remote control systems.

Spektrum has come out with a new 7-channel system called the DX7. It's not on their website yet, but Horizon hobby has it for sale. This one is supposed to be a radio for 'real' models, not only meant for park-flyers like the DX6. I wonder if there will be a problem with 'CE' approval with regards to the output power - A rumor I heard was that the 'CE' marked version of the DX6 has a reduced output power compared to the US model ??

There's also a new player on the market, Xtreme Power Systems, which will introduce their new xtremelink module+rx combo shortly. They too promise increased range and reliability. In contrast to Spektrum, who talk about either 40 or 80 simultaneous working modules, Xtremelink claims up to 390 000 simultaneous active modules ! Also, up to 1 mile ground based range. Pricing and deliverytime still open.

The Futaba modules I noticed back in January were on display at Model Expo in the spring but the local agent said it would take some time before they come to market. I've detected no activity in the Futaba camp so far...

For the new boat, I've bought myself a DX6. Naturally I'm going to mod it a bit before use ;). I've ordered a switched-mode regulator which supposedly will reduce the current drain of the Tx a lot. Also, I've gotten very used to the 'no antenna' look and feel of the Futaba 3VCS with a Spektrum module (especially usefull when it rains, the whole radio goes inside the Tx-cover, no leaking hole for antenna needed). But the stock DX6 has an antenna that sticks out :(. Cell-phones have had internal antennas for years and nobody buys phones with external antennas anymore - so the DX6 antenna needs to go inside the case too ! I'll report later how that goes...

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  1. Yep, it fits easily inside the case, but I haven't had the opportunity to test how well it performs range/reliability wise yet. I'll try to post something later when I know more.


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