New Servos and Rails for CNC upgrade

Back in October-November Surpluscenter was 'giving away' brand new servos at 40usd/servo when the cost for new ones can be 1000+usd/servo ! So we just had to get these for our next cnc upgrade. Here are some 400 W Sanyo Denki P5 100VAC brushless servos. The bigger servo, third from the right is a 1 kW model. The catch is that these servos need an advanced servo amplifier/drive to operate. There are several amateur/open-source efforts which aim to produce such a drive cheaply or DIY:

To finance the amplifier development/purchase and the rest of the upgrade, I am selling three of the 400W servos.

Below some IKO LWL 15 rails which will also be used:

2 thoughts on “New Servos and Rails for CNC upgrade”

  1. The motors are sold and I don't have any more of them. You might ask on if you are interested in these motors.

    I tried building a drive for these myself, but I didn't have time and energy to really complete the project:

    The one affordable drive for these I know about is made by granite devices:
    they also have some motors for sale it seems.

  2. Hi,
    You say You are selling three of the 400W servos.
    Can You tell me what's the price ?
    And what's is the controler/driver You use in Your
    motors ? Can You tell me, please ? Or give me some (Not expensive)
    I'm in Portugal.

    Best regards
    Dias Costa

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