VD Alphabet

There was an issue with handling collinear line-segments, which is hopefully now fixed. OpenVoronoi seems to deal OK with most characters from ttt now.

I am still getting some Warnings about numerical instability from LLLSolver, possibly related to these high-degree vertices which don't look quite right (this is a zoom-in inside the circular dot of "j" in the picture above):

I should write a class for extracting offsets next. Then perhaps medial axis (if anyone is interested in v-carving toolpaths).

TTT++ and font-vd

Update: Now all the capital letters work!

I wanted to test my VD algorithm on font-outlines. So I ported Chris Radek's truetype-tracer to c++ and added some python bindings. Here: https://github.com/aewallin/truetype-tracer

Because my VD code cannot handle circular arcs yet, I took some old code from TTT 3.0 and made converting conics and cubics, the native output of FreeType, as well as arcs into line-segments optional.

Predictably, OpenVoronoi crashes in many cases, but here is an "L" that works: