IOM sail camera videos

Looks like the mast bends to leeward at the middle, while the top of the mast stays in place. I don't think that's a good thing. Should try lower shroud attachment point and maybe shorter spreaders.

Remember to turn up the sound so you hear the wind, water, and the RMG winch! Also try these in higher quality by going to youtube and clicking "watch in high quality".

Here's how the camera looks on the foredeck:

IOM Sail Camera

Jari got a Hero camera which takes still pictures and video and stores them on a memory card. It weighs about 120g and it's watertight, so it's possible to put it on-board and take some pictures while sailing. Seems to work quite well. This could be used later for looking at how the mast bends in different winds and with different shroud and/or spreader positions. (See here for some statistics from the ongoing IOM Euros).