FinnTEC 2010

FinnTEC fills the Helsinki convention center every two years with manufacturing technology and related stuff. I couldn't find anything too revolutionary, a lot of 4- or 5-axis machining centers running programs where they didn't machine anything, just hovered the tool above the workpiece. The 3D printers which print ABS-plastic are becoming more common. The price for one I looked at was 13 keur, not too bad.

See also FinnTEC 2008

FinnTec '08

FinnTec is an annual show for metalworking, toolmaking, CAD/CAM etc. Some video shot with my latest toy, an N95 8Gb.

0:00 5-axis machining on a mazak.
0:35 coordinate measurement machine
0:55 Haas Toolroom lathe. Something to copy or take ideas from if I'm going to build a lathe?
1:27 another lathe
1:45 Hexapod (makes you want to start building one right away!)
2:30 laser cutting. They move around a whole lot of iron at high acceleration and feed although in principle only the laser beam needs to be moved. The machine and floor shakes while cutting!
3:45 waterjet cutting at the Knuth stand
4:02 wire-edm machine and some wire-edm cut parts
4:30 cut-out of an SKF spindle (bearings and motor nicely visible)