Drilled four holes for AMP-connectors and used a hole-punch to make cut-outs for eight 25-pin D-connectors. The four motor-connectors will provide 3-phase power to the spindle-servo, the X- and Z-servos, and a high-speed live-tool spindle. The servos have three Hall-signals and three(single-ended) or six(differential) encoder signals which will enter the cabinet through the D-connectors. I'm using these since I'll use 25-pin printer-cables for the Hall/Encoder signals. There are eight D-connectors just to provide some room for expansion. Three will be in immediate use for the three servos, one for limit/home switches, and one or two will be used for a jog-pendant.  That still leaves three 25-pin connectors unused (tool-changer? tool-length probe? etc.)

Also mounted the breakout-boards inside: