3 thoughts on “Friday ten”

  1. Hi, Anders,
    are you willing to reveal which software you are using to generate those diagrams with heart rate plus the pace printed in at the bottom?

    By now I'm simply using the Garmin Training Center which came along with my Forerunner 305, but I don't like the diagrams generated by this software.

    Have a nice weekend

  2. This HR-graph is a screenshot from garmin connect (connect.garmin.com). I have copy/pasted the min/km times myself onto the image.
    For the maps I usually export a KML from garmin connect and open that with google earth. From there I take a screenshot and again manually add the min/km times, such as here:

    It could be interesting to experiment with some python code for reading the garmin data and plotting for example on top of openstreetmap data and including timing/HR data. Here is an example:

    The map in Garmin Training Center is just horrible (at least in the Helsinki region).

  3. Hi, Anders.

    TNX for the information. I'll try to send you an additional e-mail with some of my latest research result on the topic above ...

    CU Frank

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