SMD R/C kit

  • Inspiration and labels from: DIY SMD Resistor Capacitor Kit. I enhanced the labels with tolerance and wattage/voltage infromation as well as color-coding.
  • Boxes:
  • Components: Digikey
  • Resistors 1x, 2x, 3.3x, 4.99x over 5 decades from 10 Ohms to 100 kOhms. All 0805 size.
  • Capacitors: 4.7x and 10x over 7 decades from 1pF to 10uF. Smallest 0603, mostly 0805, and largest 1206 size.
  • Bugs: X7R is misspelled as XR7. One printed label was lost in production. My choice of components uses 36 out of 40 boxes - still room for 4 more components.



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