Stockholm Marathon

It was cold, wet, and windy!

Despite lack of proper preparation, a personal best with 4h 0min 34s. My long slow runs have consisted of only one 17k in April and one 22k in May. All the orienteering seems to help however, with the up/down hills giving more strength in the legs. Counting running+orienteering kilometers, I've done around 403k this year. Perhaps the four 60-100k bike rides I've done party give the training effect of a long run?

Splits for the first and second half:
0-21k: 1:57:53
22-42k: 1:59:18

Or broken down into 10ks:
1-10k: 56:49
11-20k: 55:18
21-30k: 56:19
31-40k: 57:49

Or broken down into 5ks: (compared to Rautavesi in 2011 and Helsinki in 2010)
1-5k:  28:54 (Rautavesi 27:13, Helsinki  29m)
6-10k: 27:55 (Rautavesi 27:46, Helsinki  30m)
11-15k: 27:37 (Rautavesi 27:29, Helsinki  30m)
16-20k: 27:41 (Rautavesi 27:23 , Helsinki  31m)
21-25k: 28:40 (Rautavesi 28:57 , Helsinki  33m)
26-30k: 27:39 (Rautavesi 31:09, Helsinki  34m)
31-35k: 29:51 (Rautavesi 31:27, Helsinki  36m)
36-40k: 27:58 (Rautavesi 35:17, Helsinki  40m)

Here's a video that shows what the weather was like:

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