More on picasa:  (shot using old 20D, which has written EXIF-data dating the pics to 2005...)

See also 2010 and 2009.

Unfortunately moving my blog by exporting an XML-file from the old site and importing it to the new site has not worked too well 🙁 I have all 800 posts, and about 2000 pictures/attachments, but the pictures aren't bound correctly to the posts, so posts with image-galleries don't work too well. Hope to fix this at some point. The wordpress-importer is also somewhat naive in that when importing attachments it simply re-names files (by appending "1") that are already on disk. I have now tried importing three times, which means I have three copies of all files, like so: "file.jpg", "file1.jpg", and "file11.jpg".

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