Sunday 100k

Another Sunday and another 100k ride - now in the west to east direction.

I guess one solution to the high-gear-problem is just to ride the bike faster 🙂

Wind from the back/side helped a lot. There's no 10k-segment in the pic at over 30km/h but there were many 4-5k stretches of flat or slight downhills where it was possible to keep a nice 30-32km/h. I rode this one non-stop with about 2L of fluids and one Toblerone chocolate-bar as fuel. Although there are bike-paths in Espoo - where you would think they make every effort to have the traffic flow smoothly - there are also traffic-lights which in fact slow you down significantly - thus the penultimate 10k is the slowest...

The spoke-magnet supplied with the Garmin Edge 800 on the back wheel came loose and broke at around 6km, so speed data is from the GPS only. The speed reading on the screen updates quite a bit slower when working only from GPS-signal without a cadence/speed sensor.

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