2010 IOM Nordic Champs

Update2: youtube-videos

Update: final results: http://www.rc-purjehdus.net/2010/09/2010-iom-nordic-championships-%E2%80%93-day-2/

Only 9 skippers (6 FIN, 3 SWE) in this years IOM Nordic Championships, held at NJK Björkholmen, Helsinki.

There are more pictures in picasa: http://picasaweb.google.com/anders.e.e.wallin/2010IOMNordicChampionships#

Preliminary results from day 1: http://www.rc-purjehdus.net/2010/09/2010-iom-nordic-championships-day-1/

I have some incredibly shaky video material shot with the 500D and 70-200 lens which I may or may not upload to youtube later.