Pikanto nr2-rig sailing

Had a chance to sail the PIKANTO in nr2 rig conditions today with pretty good results. More comments to follow later...

Note to self: ran out of Malin Stainless Steel Leader, 80 lbs, which we use for stays and shrouds. Must buy more. Are there any other fishing wires that are good for IOM stays/shrouds?

Looks like they have Malin here: http://www.tackledirect.com/malinleader.html

One thought on “Pikanto nr2-rig sailing”

  1. Anders,
    A company called American Wire makes a leader wire that is 7 X 7 strand. It is very supple and does not kink very easily. In the lighter weights that you might use as a backstay you can actually tie quite nice knots with it and not need any crimps. Even the heavier weights tie not too badly.

    I used to buy it at a big fishing store in Houston not far from where I lived. That is now a 2000 mile trip so not so convenient.


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