Radio installation idea

What's the simplest possible way to install the radio components in the boat?

Here's an idea: Use an FR4 glassfiber PCB-board (yellow) cnc-cut to the correct shape and with cut-outs for the winch, rudder servo, and batteries. Mount it to the deck with long M4 bolts with Y-head screws that mount flush to the deck. Use 50 mm long 10 mm diameter aluminium spacers (blue) to position the plate at the correct height below the deck.

Simple: yes! Works with both HiTec and RMG winch: yes! Easy to manufacture: yes!


Update: top view of a shaped radio-board:

Update 2. Here I have drawn 50mm deep U-shaped glassfiber supports that hold the radio-plate from the sides. Also, there is an L-shaped beam which is glued to the finbox and to the sheet-tube which gives additional support to the radio plate:

4 thoughts on “Radio installation idea”

  1. 2 things come to mind on this idea.

    1.) the screws through the deck are a potential source for water to get into the boat.
    2.) more important, the 4 screws will be delivering all forces from the sheets loading on to the winch to the deck. In the long run, I see the possibiltiy of the deck laminate cracking around the holes.

    As you have the large access holes I would use Epoxy + micorfibres to mount the radio plate to both sides of the hull

  2. Hello Nigel,
    thanks for your comment. If we proceed with this idea we will need to strengthen the deck with a 1.5mm glass-plate where the spacers/screws attach to the deck.
    These screws have the advantage that they leave lots of space for the sheets and the 100mm drum to move. Here is a top view:

    Attaching things to the side of the hull very easily gives "print" through to the outside of the hull. Not perhaps significant for performance, but not so nice looking.


  3. You can glue your plate on one side on fin trunk, and on sheet post on the other. It's like this on my own Pikanto, and works well.
    Also don't forget to consider the rotation of the not centered wheel...

  4. Hello Olivier,
    I have drawn version two and posted it above. If we make U-shaped glassfiber parts we can support the sides of the radio-plate over a wide area of the deck. Also, we can glue an L-shaped glassfiber beam to the finbox and to the sheeting-tube, which will give additional support to the radio plate.


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