Mad Max comes to Finland

Riku and Lasse from the Turku-area IOM-fleet are proud new owners of Jeff Byerley designed Mad Max IOMs. These are the very first boats to come out of Mike Clifton's moulds in the UK. Note black main-boom, I hear it's about 10% faster than the standard aluminum-colored one!

3 thoughts on “Mad Max comes to Finland”

  1. Hello Simon!

    I am the owner of one of the two new Mad Max boats in Finland. We had our first ranking race yesterday and luckily I won that. My boat was in the water for third time so I still don't have too much experience with it. However, I can say that it seemed to be very fast both in upwind and especially downwind (faster than e.g. Italiko)! I had some troubles with my rig and rudder but after I managed to fix those I won 5 starts out of last 6. Wind was quite stable between 2-4m/s(?)

    You can find the results in

    or if that doesn't work -> FIN/SuRCP page, text is in finnish but just click "2009 Ranking 1" link.

    BR, Riku Fin-48

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