1949 Schaublin lathe

It's about 15 years since I learned to use a lathe at school. Now we got a vintage 1949 Schaublin lathe to the workshop, so I will have to re-learn the art of making all things round again. The lathe will be handy to have around for many projects, both work and play.

3 thoughts on “1949 Schaublin lathe”

  1. That's a magnificent little unit! Take good care of her, they are superb machines.

    I have one model larger than this unit, the 135, but in nowhere such fine condition. Very lucky acquisition.



  2. I think that is a lathe in good condition. Nice picture. That is one thing I have learned in the machinery trades. I used a Bridgeport mill from the 50's and it was in the 90's that I learned how to turn parts on that machine. It worked great. And held a good tolerance. It is amazing what you can do with some of the older machines that never die.

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