More Marseilles pics

Here's David Potter's GBR20 Lintel. Note how high the gooseneck is. The boat is not so fast in light weather, so this is an attempt to get the rig higher up and gain some speed in the light stuff. Home-made gooseneck with laser-cut stainless steel bearing holders at the top and bottom (note adjustable holder at the bottom), and a carbon swivelling part. David also has the auto-adjusting cunningham arrangement with the line threaded around the mast. It's not very visible from this picture, but the mast-ram is attached to the mast - so there are three mast rams that stay with each rig, and the correct adjustment stays with the rig. Gelcoat on foredeck has been left out to save weight.

laser-cut ss spreaders. They look nice and work well but are not detachable for transport like the normal ones. They rotate to be parallel to the sail, but still stick out a bit more than normal spreaders do.

laser cut hooks for jib and toppinglift, and below that a separate hook for the shrouds. Note how low the jib attaches compared to the middle measurement band - that's because the mast and mainsail are higher up due to the high gooseneck. Rake adjustment with multiple holes in the mast.

Laser cut ss mast crane.

A box full of laser-cut parts.

Pierre gonnet had some fittings on display.

Gooseneck fittings.

some black bottlescrews for shroud tensioning.

Finally a few pictures of Brad's boat.

no1 rig jib attached to the deck with a piece of string through the deck eye. An alternative to the through-deck tube which is more elaborate to build.

A view of the rig. Shrouds attached to the same kind of hook (covered with tape) on the front side of the mast as on GBR20, but much lower on this boat.

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