Measurement day

It's the first day of the 2007 IOM Worlds organized by YCPR in Marseille France. The first day is spent on measuring all the boats, and some practice sailing + an opening ceremony in the evening. The pool is apparently for washing the boats from the salty Mediterranean water.

Online results and pictures from the 7-day event will hopefully appear here.

Team Finland was on site at 9 when measurement started, and all three of us got through the process a little after 10. Soon after a longer queue formed.

Michael Scharmer's old boat in the measurement tank.

Not much wind around 9-10 o'clock in the morning. Tomorrow racing starts at 9, so we'll see if there's a delay or not.

More pictures here:

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  1. Hello Anders
    Many thanks for the updates on the web and the links. When you cant be there it is grand to see all the action and the new boats and ideas

    Many thanks

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