FIN-43 finally sailing!

After fitting the sheeting-bridge for the mainsheet and drilling some holes in the booms for the sheet-hooks I was finally able to test sail the new IOM I have been building! It's going to be numbered FIN-43, but I haven't had time for details like sail-numbers or measurement bands yet. You might also notice that I'm missing the bow-bumper. The paint-job is 'Scharmer-style' for the moment...

The main worry with a new boat, besides obvious things like the rudder and sheeting systems working,  is usually water tightness. I observed something like half a table-spoon of water after maybe 20min of sailing in varying no1 rig breeze. The lid probably needs sealing, and a coat or two of paint should seal any microscopic pin-holes left in the hull laminate.

Balance on the beat was surprisingly good, only minor adjustments of the mast position should be necessary to find a good trim. Now I need to put in a lot of practice hours against other boats and in varying conditions to iron out any minor problems and find a good basic trim with all rigs. In addition to the national ranking series we still have two Scandinavian events that should provide some good sailing before the Marseille Worlds in October...

3 thoughts on “FIN-43 finally sailing!”

  1. I want to design a US1M . . . which CAD program do I need, which is best, which is the mosat economic?



  2. The best is probably not always the most economic. I've used a program called MultiSurf.
    Rhino is popular and they have a free download, but it might not be ideal for boat hull design.

    There are many open-source or free CAD packages that might be suitable out there... this looks interesting


  3. Yes, I've got Delftship which I find the easiest so far. Hoping to get some time this winter to play around with it a bit but not being a great techie it suits me. I'm busy with an IOM and an AC design right now but not enought time....

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