First parts with ballscrews/rails

Here are some of the first parts made with our new upgraded mill which now runs with ballscrews and linear rails. Top speeds as well as accelerations are up on all axes, and there's very little risk of losing steps any more. Hope to have the servo electronics ready sometime in May...

Jari also made some useful chip/coolant guards for both the motors and the ballscrews/rails. As you can see these are mandatory when 'making chips' with a 3000rpm spindle and lots of coolant!

The new table is so long it hits the wall - We need to move the machine to a new stand and redo the enclosure.

3 thoughts on “First parts with ballscrews/rails”

  1. Cool looking parts (& machine too :)! How did you do work holding when milling bevelled edges?

  2. Hi Tero,

    The parts are done in two setups. First the outline of the part, the hole etc. is milled from above. This includes the chamfer milling that makes the beveled edges.

    Then the part is flipped around and held in a jig and we remove what is left of the base material with a face-mill.

    That way we don't get beveled edges on both sides of the part, only the one that was originally facing upwards.


  3. Jari wants to add that if we wanted to we could make beveled edges on the flip side too. It's just that then we would have to run a separate G-code program for that, and precisely locating the origo for this program with the parts in the jig was not worth the time and effort (since we made only a few parts).

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