Differential Encoder Interface

I threw together this board for decoding the differential encoder signals coming from the servos. I don't like etching two-sided PCBs, but I'm not sure I like this many zero-ohm jumpers either... It's basically four DS3486 ICs with input filters + a lot of connectors.

The circuit is borrowed from an IRF application note, second to last page of this document: http://www.irf.com/technical-info/refdesigns/dg-irmck201.pdf

Not very compact or cute, but hopefully functional...

Source: PADS PowerLogic schematic and PADS PowerPCB PCB-layout.

2 thoughts on “Differential Encoder Interface”

  1. Anders, I was looking for the dc_servo_schematic that I downloaded from your site and can't find it again. Is that a work in progress?

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