Wodpress 2.0.5 "Ronan"

I've upgraded to the latest WordPress, and like I feared, that has broken my theme (the look and feel of the site). So the site will look a bit strange for a few days until I find time and energy to fix it. Why can't the theme and look of a wordpress site just stay the same between updates ??

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  1. In some ways this is better for me. In the previous version the banner picture across the top covered up the top section of the menu on the right hand side and sometimes made navigating a bit of a chore. Actually it overlapped the first item as well but that wasn't a big deal at all as you could still see what it was about and use the links to navigate to it.

    Just using XP and IE 7. The IE 7 is the recently released non-beta version.

    A great site with lots of good information.



  2. Hi Barry,

    Thanks for your comment, it's a relevant one. I've been using XP and IE6 myself mostly and the previous theme worked fine with that combination. I know that using Firefox/Mozilla the kind of problems you describe existed...
    After the upgrade I guess wordpress goes back to a default theme which should be XML compatible and should work with all browsers ... so maybe I won't bother customizing the site after all (although I liked the flashfader changing image banner at the top).


  3. I liked the pictures across the top too. Maybe you just need insert a bit of blank space beneath it however that is done. Although we all like to have something pleasing to look at and are pleased with nice results, the true value of the site is the fantastic and timely information that you share so freely.


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