IOM Rig Plan

A rig plan based on rigging notes by Martin Roberts. Could be considered a little old my modern standards, i.e. high shroud attachment point and simple round booms.

2 thoughts on “IOM Rig Plan”

  1. Hi Anders

    I often refer to your rigging/sail details as I have now started making my own (reasonably succesfully :o)

    However I have found what appears to be a small error on the IOM rig plan. If you look at rig 3 jib boom measurements the last two are the same (300 & 300). Shouldt the final measurement be 310?

    Thanks for a great site


  2. Hi Derek,

    The reason for this is that the foot length of the nr3 rig Jib is only 300mm, so it's common to use a boom that is only around 300mm or maybe 305mm long.

    Having the sheeting arm on the nr3 jib slightly too short does not have much of an overall impact, so most people place the sheet attachment point as far back on the boom as possible - that could be around 300-305mm.

    You should also take a look at the many possible variations on this theme. The sheeting arms, shroud/spreader positions etc. are not controlled by the rules, so many variations exist:


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